3-29-19 by dave

That stalled low finally made the move overnight and deposited a heapin’ helpin’ of Essence for The Faithful to enjoy. There was strong pressure for the Tram, so I used the Chair Option to access the upper hill and get some lonely lines away from the crowd. The quality was excellent, with high moisture content, but a very cold dry feel that made each turn feel luxurious. However, the substrate was in full effect despite the cushion and depth, and with the very limited visibility it was interesting encountering the variations as they came. Lots of folks were getting ejected due to the variability, but that goes with the territory. It was a great day on the hill, and the snow kept dumping hard all day except for a couple of lulls in the impulses. I left early as I was out of gas from a great week of ground pounding fun. Tomorrow, look for a better day for visibility. There should be additional accumulation overnight as the Northwesterly flow keeps the impulses coming. Areas that were not open today are waiting in the wings, and will be offering amazing quality. Traffic should be high, so use the Chair Options to get a jump on the push. I got my new computer up and running, but my SD card fell apart in 3 pieces, so that won’t work in the new machine. I lost all the new shots that I had planned to put up for you. I will be back editing all the recent posts with photos as I get the bugs worked out. Baby steps!! See you Sunday after my day off. Speed Safely!!

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