12-01-18 by dave

It was the first real Powder Day of the season, with great overnight accumulation. The consistency was excellent with the cold temps, and if felt smooth underfoot and effervescent as it blew up. Some small openings on the lower mountain added a few new lines to dial in. And, with the new installment, the low snow variables are becoming covered and much more predictable. Here is a shot of Matt, who was making the most of the explosive nature of the product. Sunshine started the day, but high clouds moved in later in the day, making the light go flat. Tomorrow, look for more overnight accumulation as a strong impulse is echoing on the radar just West of the Front and will only add more Essence on the dance floor. Traffic should be strong once again in the AM, and there may be some continuing flurries during the day. I will be back on the hill first thing in the AM. See you there for the fresh powder delight. See The LINE, BE The LINE!!

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