2-11-19 by dave

It was a picture perfect morning, with cold temps, no wind, ultra blue sky, and over a foot of exquisite Essence covering the dance floor. The Faithful were in attendance, but not in the numbers of the last couple of days. I was able to get first tracks in the Upper Cirque, which was as good as it ever gets. Smooth, steep, wide open, and vacant top to bottom. Here is a Mikey M shot of Brian Beck leaving Cosmic Trails Of Glory as he kicked in the afterburners going for the full immersion effect. That is the full definition of Blower!!

All of the big shots were in prime time condition and throwing down in tight quarters was very predictable. Here is a shot that Jake sent of looking down Center Of Gravity.

Mineral Basin opened to mixed reviews, as the wind had worked some aspects back there, making them affected and tricky. Other aspects were softer and more consistent. I stuck with the front side to take advantage of the low traffic as The Faithful were working Mineral. The cold temps. kept the pack from turning to Harbor Chop, and you could blast through anything with impunity. Tomorrow, look for another cool morning with warming in the afternoon. The Groomers will be insanely good, and the off trail will be offering still soft lines that will blow up as you dial it in. Mineral Basin will be offering the Sun for the morning session, but the entire hill is good to go wall to wall and you really can’t go wrong. The Road To Provo is still waiting in the wings, so keep your eyes open. Keep it tight!!

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