12-23-20 by dave

A perfect delivery of Essence fell on the hill, with just the right elements of quality that made it the best day of the year so far. The front moved in with a bang yesterday, with heavy, cold, dense accumulation that really stuck to the old layer. As the storm cooled, the density lightened up, and by this morning was offering blower dry dust that put the icing on the cake. Here is a shot of Scott Markewitz on the action side of the camera, getting the goods when one of the traverses opened up.

Scott Markewitz getting the first tracks on this section of the hill all to himself.

The faithful were in full attendance, and fair waits were the norm all around the hill. The temps were quite cold, keeping the product very refrigerated all day long. Here is a shot of Doc getting the first lines of the season in Wilbre Bowl.

Doc, working the sides of the line to get the fresh Essence, which is the best quality of the season.

The depth of this delivery went a long way toward cushioning the ride and mitigating some of the more sever elements of the substrate. Slick spots did crop up in places and some of the high elevations that were exposed to the wind were a bit slabby and wind scoured, but lower down on the hill, the sheltered lines were off the charts perfect. I stopped on the Peak and got this shot of Mineral Basin basking in the morning light and displaying some serious Sun effects in the bowl.

Rainbow circles around the Sun with a pillar of Light in the bowl were a real trip for the morning session.

Tomorrow, look for more great lines to be on tap with some looking around, and amazing carpets of AHHHH on all sides of the hill to keep you dialing it in top to bottom. Still, there may be some slick spot still cropping up here and there in the high traffic areas, so be ready for anything. I expect a cold morning and will be dressing for the condition. Watch for openings as they may occur. There is no telling. Enjoy the new freshness, it is Go Time!! Don’t touch that dial!!!

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