5-03-19 by dave

It was a perfect corn day start to finish, with cold overnight temps to put the freeze on, residual cold snow to work into the mat, and wide open groomers to explore your inner Ligety. Mineral Basin was basking in the Sun and Lone Star was prepared right from the very top, offering an amazing carpet of AHHHH for the opening push. White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper was also going off, but just a bit later with a different aspect. The front of the hill was firmer to start, but there was plenty of tooth to get traction. Here is a great shot of Team Sunshine, who were here from Colorado and were stoked to be getting the goodness of Maize!

Team Sunshine enjoying the Spring conditions and blazing sunshine.

Other groomed lines had been prepared as well and those more obscure lines were vacant and wide open for fun. As the day warmed up the aspects were going off in order and you could find perfect corn goodness if you stayed with the break. Here is a shot of two of my dear friends, celebrating their anniversary on the Peak. They do this every year and today was a stellar day to dial it in.

Tomorrow, look for another amazing day of the Spring corn conditions. There should be a fair freeze overnight, so Mineral Basin will be offering the first of the breaks and you’ll have to work the aspects to stay out ahead of the breaks. It was cool this morning, but I still drove with the top down and it was splendid. I will be taking the day off tomorrow, but I’ll be back on the hill Sunday. IBBY!!

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