1-13-21 by dave

It was very warm in the parking lot, with the tell tale signs of some kind of frozen accumulation. That overnight trace, which was no deeper than one millimeter made the groomed runs just an extra bit sweeter to start today’s festivities. Here is a shot of the accumulation on the Plaza chairs.

Just a little bit will do ya!!

Traffic was light, and the visibility was OK, but the details were hard to discern. Thanks to the Grooming Crew for the smooth carpets of AHHHHH. I was working the Peruvian Gulch early on to take advantage of the wide open lines, fun terrain variations, and Lower Who Dunnit, which was offering a roller coaster of fun changes of aspect. Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation as some more energy will be passing by. Sunny skies may be on tap, so check it out and go for the Sun if it is up and shining.

Leopard Man in his Happy Place

I found out today that my good friend John transitioned from the training fields of Snowbird to do some extensive recon work for us in the Powder Fields in the Great Beyond. John brought smiles, amazing energy, and love to all he encountered. We will all so miss him. Prowl the deep John. Straight Ahead!!!

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