2-09-19 by dave

The day was overcast and the wind was whippin’ as a light storm was trying to bring some more of the Essential Substance. The groomers were offering unreal carpets of AHHHH, which let you dial in you inner Ligety. Mineral Basin opened as well, which was a treat for those who were on hand for the event. Here is a shot of the Bingham Mine that I took yesterday when there was a break in the clouds.

Tomorrow, look for more awesome groomers to be on tap on all sides of the hill. There is weather in the forecast, which is slated to begin later in the day, bringing substantial accumulation, and will extend into Monday. The hill is fully fat wall to wall, so all your favorite shots will be good to go and easy to access. There still are some areas that were stripped by the wind here and there, but they are rare and not really any issue, just expect some variations in the goods. I will be back on the hill to get a first hand look and be part of the Powder Party. Watch your SIX!!

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