12-25-20 by dave

It was a clear cold morning, with bright Sun, ultra blue skies, and the opening of Mineral Basin as well as Baby Thunder as a holiday treat. While the morning temps were cool, the strong unfiltered Sun warmed up the air, however, it remained cool enough to preserve the pack. That is a very nice feature of this time of the season. Here are a couple of shots that Jake sent of his recon mission into the Basin for a look see.

From The Landing the coverage back there was looking good, and it is great to see those wide open lines waiting for go time.
This shot testifies to the consistency of the surface quality. A tad breakable perhaps, but certainly carvelicious!

Tomorrow, look for a return to the Mineral Basin, Sunshine to light the way, and great Groomers on all sides of the hill. I will be taking my usual Saturday off to get some details and chores taken care of. For today’s festivities, I made a couple of Quiches for a festive breakfast. My good friend Sully taught me to make these back in the Golden Cliff days. All those cooking assignments come in handy all these years later.

Fully inflated, hot out of the oven, and ready to a Holiday Breakfast. Thanks Sully for the lifetime culinary lessons.

Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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