10-19-18 by dave

This will be the last weekend of Oktoberfest for the fall season. An extra day was logged on for Friday and the festivities will extend through Sunday. There is a bit of snow on the hill from the last storm that moved through the last while, however, it is melting rapidly on the lower aspects, but will probably persist on the High North exposures. Here is a shot of the new bridge installation form the Center to the Cliff taken from the Tram the other day. The other day, while I was checking things out before the storm moved in, I ran into Team Jones, who were visiting the peak for the first time. I was happy to give them a bit of info on the sights, and was happy to see how much fun they were having enjoying the perspective. The new open area on the second level has been opened and it will provide charging stations for devices and tables and benches for a nice place to hang out. What a great addition to the Center. This is a new sculpture depicting Dick Bass skiing and climbing, which were two of his greatest passions. It is a huge installation and is now positioned on the back deck by the new bridge access to the Peruvian Chair. While I was on the peak, I stopped in and spoke with the Chefs who were dialing up some great pizza right out of the brick oven. It is all made on the peak from scratch, and you can’t go wrong with that. It looks like a dry stretch for the next couple of days, but a system is predicted to move in for Monday. Time to get your visualizations going to get the vibrations moving in our favor. I’ll be doing the best snow dances that I can jam out. Stay Frosty!!

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