9-23-18 by dave

Well, it is officially Fall and the colors are turning rapidly on the hill. With the very dry Summer weather pattern, there is not as much color as some years, but still, when the Aspens start turning, they will be a full color flash. The days are cooler, which is nice, and I am hanging on to every day of the Summer feel as I can. It will not be long until we are standing on the Tram once again. Here is a shot of Lower Silver Fox I took the other day on my trip to attend Oktoberfest. The attendance at the Oktoberfest has been very brisk, and it is fun to feel the vibe and get the energy from the hill. Here is a shot of Airplane Ridge taken from Hidden Peak during my trip to the top. There are many improvements to the Plaza and on the hill. Here is a shot of the new bridge to the Cliff Lodge that they are working on to be ready for the season. There are new 2nd level restrooms, and an expanded 2nd level gathering area across from the Pharmacy. There are some great deals on equipment and apparel in the shops, and I got a new coat for the coming season. It will be a great storm riding coat with a killer hood and lots of pockets. If you are going to attend the Oktoberfest, be sure to get up there early as parking fills up fast. There are lots of great craft booths to shop as well. Lots of fun and folks. Get ready to Rock!!

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