4-25-19 by dave

There was no freeze overnight and the pack in Mineral Basin was well into the sorbet zone to start the festivities. White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper were offering corn goodness and Lone Star had been given another treatment, but it was not going to last long. On the front of the hill there were a couple of crispy sections, but there was plenty of traction to keep the roll under control. Here is shot of the Morning Crew gathering at the peak after a Mineral lap.

The Morning Crew making a great showing for the Spring conditions.

With the soft conditions, most of the mountain closed with only Regulator offered off the top later in the day. It got too gloppy for my knees and I bailed to save up for tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for an inclement day, with showers and thunder storms in the forecast. Sticking to the groomers will offer the best ride and we will just have to see if we get a freeze. Off trail will be quite difficult on all aspects, so know that going in. The lifts will be opening at 8AM, so get an early start if you want first Tram. I will be arriving at the usual time and will work into the day after I have finished my coffee. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!

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