12-21-18 by dave

Once again, there was an early morning patter of rain on The Trailer, signaling a fast moving impulse that delivered a very nice treat to the hill. High density grauple covered the dance floor, but the bottom firmness was in play. I was aiming for the smooth lines I have been scoping out the past few days and was rewarded with consistency on each section I worked. Mineral Basin opened first thing and many of the Morning Crew ventured into the very difficult visibility back there. That new installment felt best on the low angle aspects that felt smooth and silky. Traffic was light and back to back Trams were fun to make, and with the smooth lines dialed in, it was fun be able to work lines I have been avoiding until we got this coating. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting it all and blowing it up. Yes, it was that explosive!! Tomorrow, look for another fast moving impulse to have delivered even more goodness on the hill. Looks like there will be clearing skies as the day progresses, and I would be looking for the smooth fresh lines out in Mineral Basin and be sure to check out the lines on a Lewis and Clark sojourn, you won’t be disappointed. The Cirque is skiing very well as the low traffic has kept the pack fairly smooth and dialable. I will be taking the day off so be sure and get the goods for me. Stay Frosty!!

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