2-21-20 by dave

The morning was still cool, but there was no wind as the Tram hit the dock on the Peak. Lone Star in Mineral Basin had been prepared with a jaw dropping smooth line right off the cat track. The dry chalk felt like perfect flannel underfoot as each turn was dialable and accurate. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were also offering ground pounding fun with perfect consistency top to bottom. After a couple of laps I went back to The Front Side to take advantage of the The Big Smooth that had been prepared and covered with some light wind transported dust overnight. Lower Lower was also given the nod as well as a VERY rare preparation of Mach Schnell off of Rothman’s Way. These two rarities alone were worth hitting all day, but there was so much to choose from, you could get it all as the quality remained high on the Front Side. Here is a shot of Team Squaw Valley dialing up another day of ground pounding fun.

Great friends and great times are what it is all about. Another perfect day of dialing in the STOKE factor.

Some high thin clouds made the shade sections difficult to see with a lack of definition. The Sun soaked lines remained well it.

Sarah Cool’s Angel Wings are showing. They are usually very hard to see, but this morning they were fully visible, but we know they are always there.

Tomorrow, look for more amazing lines to have been prepared for your hard charging pleasure. The off trail is still dry and chalky, however, there is wide spread rumble, static, and some well developed interference patterns all around the hill. The Coma Chute opened today for the first time since 2011. Here is a shot that Mikey M sent looking into the pit.

A very rare look into the Coma Chute. Still smooth, but getting some static build up.

I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow to rest up for next week. It will be a great day on the hill. Dial it up, Dial it in!!

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