4-21-19 by dave

The weather was threatening, but there were light windows moving in and out to offer some visibility. The Morning Crew dropped into the Abyss of Mineral Basin, following the known groomed lines in the deep fog. Further down the pitch the fog cleared and there was fairly good visibility and frosting covered groomers that felt velvety underfoot. Here is a shot of one of the windows that let you see the peaks down toward Provo.

A window on the world when the clouds lifted and the visibility improved.

Traffic was very light, and walk on Trams were fast and easy. Here is a shot of Wynonna and Sue making the day festive.

Wynonna and Sue making the ballroom dancing Trams fun and festive.

After Noon, the pack became quite manky and the windows of visibility were going away just ahead of the arrival of the Front that was on the doorstep. I left after 1PM to avoid the sticky factor. Tomorrow, look for another unsettled day with precipitation in the forecast. The temps have been fairly warm, so you can dress a bit lighter, but do dress for precip. The Groomers have been really excellent, and the off trail is becoming a bit difficult though workable with a direct approach. See you there for the light traffic and wide open groomers. Keep it tight!!

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