1-08-20 by dave

Traffic was very light today, with walk on Trams all morning long. The expected front took a while to get rolling, but there was a nice accumulation on the Dance Floor to start that made the groomers extra special top to bottom. I worked the Peruvian Gulch to begin, taking advantage of the visual references and reflections in the difficult visibility. By 11 AM., the heavy stuff moved in and was snowing at an inches per hour pace that made the accumulation get deeper by the run and an, almost, free refills situation. The off trail was improving with the accumulation, but the underlying rumble was still in play, and with the visibility issues, made it difficult. I stayed with the prepared lines to maximize the vertical and give my knees a break at the same time. Here is a long shot of Steve F taking advantage of the deepening lines.

Steve F getting the goods and taking full advantage of the free refills.

I avoided Mineral Basin all day to avoid the very marginal visibility back there and stayed with the front of the hill. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting the fresh line yesterday in the side country.

Mikey M getting perfect January Powder on the other side of the ridge yesterday. A wonderland of goodness.
Brian Beck taking his turns out in Shady Acres yesterday. This is the prime time for perfect powder in the back.

Tomorrow, look for more accumulation on the hill as it is snowing briskly here at The Trailer as I write this. Traffic may be a bit more brisk and there may be some morning Canyon restrictions, so check and see before you go. The hill is in great shape with only the very high traffic choke points still holding some features. I think the old layer will begin to fade as the accumulation cushions the ride. This is just the beginning of a big week of continuous impulses lined up and taking aim on the Wasatch. Remain Standing!!!

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