2-05-20 by dave

There was a light dusting of Essence on the dance floor for this mornings offerings, with very difficult visibility, still cold temps and smooth groomers on all sides of the hill. Mineral Basin was an abyss with Zero Zero visibility back there so I avoided it. The wind was blowing hard on the peak, making the chair rides fairly chilly. The front of the hill offered smooth groomed lines that let you feel that full platform engagement throughout each turn. That was gold. The off trail was still tricky with that rumble still fully reverberating through the new accumulation. Here is a shot I took yesterday during that short window of sunshine.

High contrast light in the deep trees is always very dramatic.

Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation with more snow on tap for the day. Expect a full on storm riding day with continued cold temps. The off trail rumble and static is still in full effect, so look for the smooth lines and prepared lines for the best ride. I drove around off trail a bit today and was sent promptly back to the smooth. Visibility will continue to be challenging, so stick with the trees for the best reference marks and reflected light. Getting very close to the 400″ mark, what a season!! Don’t touch that dial!!

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