1-09-20 by dave

Light density Essence covered the dance floor this morning that was real treat for the Faithful, who showed up on time and ready for fun. With the light density, the underlying substrate was still in play, but a direct approach made the variations a bit more negotiable. Mineral Basin opened around 10:30AM, which offered much deeper accumulation as the wind moved the product to those aspects. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting in deep on Baldy when it opened.

Mikey M getting in deep with some areas holding much deeper pockets.

The Groomers had the smooth ride, and that Anderson’s Hill-Lower Primrose line was over the top, with that new accumulation covering a perfect grooming job. Regulator was a bit slick as the wind had moved a lot of product to the East facing aspects. The Crew stopped for the Forklift Recon. meeting and compared notes on the morning. Here is a shot of the stellar presentation that Buzzy Skigrin received for his breakfast.

Chef Sebactain really brought game to a simple fruit plate. This plate stopped the presses.

Tomorrow, look for improving visibility, soft snow wall to wall, and perfect machine worked lines to explore your inner Ligety. The will be some areas that will be waiting in the wings, so keep your eyes and ears sharp for opening. There also may be some residual accumulation as the impulse moves off.

Tram Rat is on the links for the month of January. We are holding down the fort while he’s working on his game.

A big shout out to Tram Rat, who took this month off to get the Sun, fun and long shots in the Arizona climate. The Crew misses you. Stay Frosty!!

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