12-31-20 by dave

It was a gray morning, with overcast, light snow falling, and a few inches of very light accumulation on the dance floor. I sensed a glimmer of light in Mineral Basin when I hit the peak and ventured down to find fairly good visibility, wide open lines that had been filled with the overnight snowfall, and the pack still holding most of the smooth that I was working yesterday. Here is a shot I got of The East Twin in yesterday’s bright Sun.

Smooth lines were available out in Powder Paradise waiting for those folks willing to trust the Force and work the steep section.

Those long sections of wind packed slab were still offering the smooth, and, with the added accumulation, made those transitions from slab to slab much more seamless. I have been keeping a close eye on the features that remain exposed so that I know where the snow snakes live when they get covered up.

The Chairman of The Board ordered this light breakfast which has only, and exactly 4 hot peppers, because 5 is too many and 3 is not enough.

Tomorrow, look for sunny skies as the weather system moves off. The Groomers will be offering soft tilled lines that should have plenty of traction and sections that will have soft accumulations of snow from today’s snowfall. Most of those smooth lines will still be available, but the high traffic lines are seeing a rapid build up of interference patterns that will keep you turning to maintain the line through the higher amplitude areas. The traverses are still difficult and variable, so use caution along the tight sections. Happy New Year!!

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