7-04-19 by dave

I got an extra early start this morning to get a jump on the crowd, but the parking lot was filling up fast and, try as I might, made 2nd Tram of the morning. It was beautiful on the peak and the stoke was high. Here is a shot of the T Shirt that was made up for the day modeled by Chris Cage.

This is a really great design for this rare day. It was selling like hot cakes, and there were hot cakes on the Plaza for the pancake breakfast.

I made my way out to Mark Malu, where the Sun was softening the pack, but the shade was still frozen. I worked the less traveled lines in the shade that still had plenty of smooth and crystal traction. Here is a shot of Rick out on Hoopie’s.

Rick trying to blend into the surrounding landscape. This was his 4th run.

After one run, I bailed to hang out on the peak and take in the energy that was happening. I got to meet a lot of folks who were so stoked to be standing on top of the world. Here is a shot of Team Bliss mounting up for a great day on the hill.

Team Bliss soaking up the rays and checking out the pack. It is so fun to meet the folks that read the site.

As each Tram docked more ecstatic Faithful hit the peak. Here is a shot of two folks that were getting national TV coverage and were dressed in the spirit of the day.

It was really warm on the peak and I was obviously over dressed.

I took the Tram back down to the Plaza and there was a great band rocking the crowd gathered for the pancake breakfast. There were a lot of folks and it was hard to find a seat. Here is the Tram line as I was exiting to go to breakfast. It stretched clear to the top of Chickadee. Yikes.

Full Tram mazes and the line still extended to the top of Chickadee. There were a lot of folks who showed up for the festivities.

I hope everyone had a great day and a great season. The snow will return before we know it. Don’t forget the Fresh Air concerts on Saturday nights. It’s always a treat to get to the high elevations. I’ll be posting a season wrap up this weekend so stay tuned. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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