12-18-19 by dave

There was a red sky this morning as the Sun started coming up over the ridge line, while a thin high altitude cloud deck shrouded the Sun. While there was sunshine of the dance floor, the light in the shadows was very flat, making the details a bit fuzzy at times. The Groomers were really sweet, with fresh corduroy wall to wall and some really amazing Gun Powder accumulated down slope from the snow guns. I slowed way down to dial in some of that perfect velvet medium that felt just right. Here is a shot of Superior all tracked out from some heavy traffic. There are some very aggressive lines coming off the peak.

Heavy traffic getting the goods on Superior. Even with this much snow it still looks a big boney up there.

I stayed with the groomers all day, taking advantage of the walk on, back to back Trams to keep my stamina training on track. The off trail is still offering some soft lines, though that underlying rumble is wide spread and requires a straight at it approach. Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with wide open groomers on both sides of the hill. Visibility should be much better as the clouds move off; we’ll see. The traverses and chokes are getting worked now, so expect thin spots and perhaps some rock pockets in places. Watch for Black Ice in the lower Canyon in the Morning. Don’t touch that dial!!

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