1-17-20 by dave

With heavy weather in the forecast, I got an early start up the Canyon this morning, and still it was a wild ride with the snow dumping insanely, the wind blowing it sideways, and deep darkness to try and make out the road. This installment was high density and was building up fast. When I parked there was 3″ and when I headed down there was over a foot of freshness. The lifts were delayed due to the frantic pace of the snow fall, but I had a great time visiting with folks in the Tram line, sharing the stoke and getting amped for the turns to come. Here is a shot off the Dream Team, who were ready to get into the thick of it.

The Dream Team soaking up the ambience of the energy of the new snow and the Faithful who were primed and ready for fun.

I headed to the Forklift to await the opening. I bailed after the road reopened after control work and got an early start on my day off tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for a lot of great lines wall to wall, as the wind has smoothed all aspects, and that front delivered some smooth frosting that will be really fun in the AM. I expect it to be a bit cold, so dress for the occasion. It is one of those times where you just can’t miss and the conditions will be amazing.

The Summit Crew enjoying a break in the action and getting a recharge to take into the afternoon.

I meant to put this shot up yesterday, but I spaced it out. I had a great time hanging with this crew and exchanging notes on the way the hill was smoothing out. The hill is in prime time, Enjoy!! Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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