5-04-19 by dave

There was a hard freeze last night that left the pack very firm. Mineral Basin was offering the first breaks, but event then the first Tram saw barely breaking Lone Star from the top, with the lower steep section very firm. It was not until 9:30 AM that White Diamonds started breaking and you can take it from there. The break was slow, but it did make the day’s quality last longer. On the front of the hill, another presentation of Old Ladies had been prepared and was getting rave reviews from the Morning Crew. Twins opened for hiking and Mikey M and Brian Beck did a round the world line that bagged them some righteous corn goodness. Here is Brian Beck getting the perfect sorbet in Silver Creek.

Brian Beck getting snow so smooth it was like frosting a cake with a paper knife!!

The day was slow to warm and was still cool for the day. Kazoodi hosted the last Pizza Party of the season this afternoon and all his attention to detail really paid off. Here is Mikey M pulling a Shrimp, onion, and mushroom on Pesto Pizza from the brick oven.

Mikey M pulling out all the stops with a super combo!!

Tomorrow, look for another great day of Spring corn goodness. I think we will see another hard freeze, so expect to follow the Sun to stay with the breaks. Mineral Basin will be offering the first of the breaks, so check out the lines on the way up for reference and check the grooming report for any additional industrial smoothing. See you there for the amazing Spring conditions. Stay Frosty!!

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