4-27-19 by dave

Those showers moved off and left cold overnight temps. that put a good freeze on the pack. The early start left the pack very crispy on all sides of the hill, but Mineral Basin was the place to find the first break of the day. All that rain helped put a shine on the corn and added a bit more slick to the ride as the break happened. The pack lasted a lot longer, with Regulator finally going off after Noon.

TEAM ELDER stoked to be getting the goods this late in the season.

Here is a shot of Team Elder, with Kurt, Joe, Natalie, Mags, and Jim Elder out West after a season at Killington and Mad River Glen. They were going off in full effect with some late season Powder. I have been trying to down load this shot so I could post it, but I took a different tack. Sorry this is so late to the posts guys. Great skiing with all of you. Tomorrow, look for another overnight freeze and a cold front moving in during the morning hours. There could be some overcast to go with the front, so we’ll have to see how it shakes out. Look for the Groomers to be offering the smooth lines, but expect a bit of crispiness for the early laps. The break may start early in Mineral Basin, but we’ll just have to check it out and see what is what. It will be a great day on the hill, with plenty of cover wall to wall. Straight Ahead!!

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