2-18-19 by dave

There had been a fresh accumulation delivered to the hill overnight, leaving many of the higher elevation aspects offering boot top deep goodness. The underlying substrate was variable depending on aspect, but for the most part the hill is smooth over most shots. Amazing Grooming efforts had been worked on all sides of the Mountain, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offering ground pounding carpets of AHHHH that demanded some deep carving articulation. Lewis and Clark was offering the leftovers from yesterday’s opening and was still smooth and soft. Here is an early morning shot of Pipeline, looking mysterious in the misty atmosphere.

Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose path had been given an extra dollop of Love, making those lines dial-O-matic good with each turn. All those shwagg turns I was doing early in the season, paid off, as I could trust the 100% traction and I was able to dial in dead accurate arcs with Zero slip. Traffic was a bit stout on the Tram, but the Chairs were offering direct loading with no waiting at all. The Mineral Basin Chair did back up, but the front side action kept you moving. The Exotic Trees opened as well, with a huge push for the goods. I chose to deny the option and concentrate on the smooth drops on the front. Here is a shot of Angel Light in Mineral Basin. This Portal let you stare into the intense brilliance with no problem. It was scintillating and incredible.

Tomorrow, you can expect continued cold temps., which keep the product nicely refrigerated, exquisite Grooming efforts, and some overnight accumulation as the flurries continue. The hill is in great shape, and all your favorite lines are good to go with little or no issues. Traffic will probably be a bit milder, so we can look forward to a fun, full on, vertical frenzy. Speed Safely!!

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