12-27-20 by dave

It was a cold morning as the overnight storm clouds lifted just in time for the First Tram to hit the peak. There was the usual push for The Tram, so The Morning Crew took the wide open Peruvian Chair up to the Tunnel to get first tracks on that Lewis and Clark section that had ,as yet, not been touched for the Season. The overnight accumulation was fully 4 to 5 inches of light fluff, which made those wind open lines very smooth, with only occasional reverberations of the substrate. With no push for the goods we made several laps there before the line on The Mineral Chair built up.

Beautiful lines were on tap out there on the Lewis and Clark section of the hill, where the exploration sojourn payed off with no pressure and smoothness top to bottom.

High Baldy also opened with this morning’s offerings, delivering smooth lines top to bottom there as well. The lower traverse from The Peruvian Chair is very difficult and should be avoided till we get more snow. The Groomers were amazing as well, with some sections offering that coveted full platform engagement that I seek to find whenever I can. Regulator was offering smooth groomed lines, and the off trail section there was much improved with the recent accumulation, offering a much appreciated series of lines that I have been avoiding, but now delivered the goods top to bottom.

The Road to Provo was slightly delayed for the First Tram, but opened shortly, with smooth carvable consistency that let you dial in the good stuff.

Tomorrow, look for more snow for the festivities, with smooth lines on the Groomers, still fresh lines to be found if you look for them, and lighter traffic. There may also be a bit of overnight accumulation.

A long shot down Canyon with the Sun burning off the residual storm clouds.

We’ll see you there for the smooth cruisin’ and fresh terrain to ply. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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