1-29-19 by dave

The pack had firmed up considerably after yesterday’s wind buffed lines. Though those off trail lines were smooth, that traffic action left them offering some static that was a touch bouncy. The Groomers were very smooth, but also were noticeably firmer. Still, the wide open lines and low traffic let you dial in any turn you wished, and the good visibility was a real treat. Here is a shot of Mary Ellen Gulch that I took yesterday when I was out checking out the High North aspects.

With low traffic and slightly warmer temps. kept the quality of the prepared lines good to go all day. The Main Baldy Chute into Alta opened today with a full pack filling in the line top to bottom. Mikey M sent this shot of his tips hanging over the entry. It looks great, long, steep, and ready for prime time.

Tomorrow, look for another light day of traffic, great lines of Grooming on all sides of the hill. Be sure to check the Grooming sheet for new and freshly worked lines, so you can dial in some untracked corduroy. Mineral Basin will be offering the Sun illuminated lines, but the front of the hill will be good to go as well. I was working the front of the hill after a fast lap in the back to warm up a bit. I have been dressing for cooler temps. and I think it will be brisk again in the AM. See you there for the fun and frolic!! IBBY!!

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