1-12-21 by dave

There was a high cloud deck over the Front this morning, which filtered the Sun, making the visibility interesting, but had enough contrast to make the details stand out. Light traffic in Mineral Basin made for some fast and fun laps on the freshly machine worked lines. After 11AM, the Sun burned through the deck as it moved East, making the visibility come alive as the entire mountain was fully illuminated. The Baldy Chutes were opened today, accessing Alta. The entrance looked really rasty, but it had quite a lot of traffic non the less. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck standing at the top considering the gnar.

Now that’s entertainment!!
Mikey M working his way into upper Main Chute at ALTA. There is plenty of cover in the chute, but the entrance is dodgy.

The Groomers were offering the smooth ride, with great consistency that really paid off big when the flat light was keeping things interesting. Later, after Noon, the open lines began to get a bit scraped off, so I was using my best averaging techniques to keep moving through the turns despite the variations. Tomorrow, look for light snow in the AM. Visibility will be interesting, so stay with the Groomed lines and stay close to the trees for reference. The off trail remains difficult, with wide spread interference patterns and rumble.

Jake was playing tourist today and was checking the out of the way lines. Here is looking down the entrance to Hot Foot Gully.

See you for the morning session, and, perhaps, some light Essence to work. Speed Safely!!

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