12-20-18 by dave

After yesterday’s wind and snow event, many aspects of the hill got filled in and smoothed over. Lines that had abrupt interference patterns were filled and offered very nice long lines of wind slab goodness. I was taking lines I have been avoiding all season to take advantage of the rare conditions, but also to get that wind slab feel that is so exotic. The Groomed lines were smooth and had plenty of tooth to get an edge, and the resulting dust was piling up on the sides of the lines, offering some really silky treats. Here is a shot of The Summit taken from Gorilla Pass. It is such an amazing structure in an amazing place. Traffic was light all day long and getting back to back Trams was easy and fast. I also went looking around Gad 2 and the lower West side of the hill, finding empty lines that made it feel like a private resort. Here is a shot looking into Mineral Basin, which will open tomorrow for the first time of the season. It should be a great adventure and addition to the available terrain. Raking up the vertical was so fun, with the fast access and open terrain. I met Team Flying Burrito, who were here from Whistler, and were taking in all the aspects and looking for the goods. I know they found the filled in areas as they were wide spread and a treat to see. Tomorrow, look for more great Groomed lines with those off trail lines still smooth and inviting. Look for the Mineral Basin opening. I don’t know what the timing will be, but be there early just in case. There is weather in the forecast, but I think we might sneak in a sunny morning and if Mineral opens earlier, the Sun will be lighting it up first thing. Keep and eye out. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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