9-27-21 by dave

The colors are changing, the temps have turned down, and the count down to Winter has begun. The yellow Jackets have been busy and aggressive since the first week of August, so that tells me we can expect a good snowfall for the season. The Chef noted that the road side Sunflowers are copious and wide spread this year, which is his sign for a big Winter. Nature has a way of knowing, so I’m going with that. Oktoberfest is in full swing during the weekends on the Plaza deck and there has been quite a turn out. There are lots of activities, food, music and fun things to do, so get up there and soak in that mountain air.

Andrew dialing in some sweet turns in New Zealand recently!

My good friend, Andrew from New Zeland sent me these shots recently from one of the days of goodness in the Southern hemisphere. He has made many trips to Snowbird and I have had the honor of skiing with him all over the hill. He is a very accomplished skier and always seems to bring the snow cycle with him whenever he comes.

Big, wide open snow fields are amazing on Mt. Hutt in New Zealand as we slide into Winter and they slide into Spring. It’s powdering somewhere on the planet every day.

I am looking forward to the Season and have got all my gear dialed and stocked in the locker so I just have to show up for Go Time. Keep the stoke building as the Season is just around the corner. Time flies when your having fun. Stay Frosty!!

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