3-22-19 by dave

This morning offered variable visibility, a sweet addition of frosting to cover the dance floor, and smooth Exciting New Grooming to add a bit of stoke for the morning session. Adager had been given the machine worked treatment for the first time is a number of years. The dry chalky product was the perfect consistency, as it felt velvet smooth, steep, and full on rock and roll. I did an exploratory out into Mineral Basin, where the visibility was very marginal, but I found smooth frosting that was vacant, sumptuous, and just plaid delightful. Staying close the the trees was key back there. On the front of the hill, the off trail was still difficult, with the substrate still in play despite the added accumulation. Some of the deep guts got a bit more accumulation and were the place to find some dialable turns. The visibility improved as the day wore on, adding much better detail and reference. I was still sticking with the known smooth lines to keep from getting worked by wide spread rumble. Tomorrow, look for a spike in attendance, a bit more accumulation, and that substrate still in play. Stick with the Grooming efforts for the best lines of the day. A huge shout out to the Grooming Crew for preparing such great shots and returning them to their big mountain smooth condition. A day does not go buy that I don’t appreciate how amazing that big mountain smooth is in the over all experience. My computer is still down and I am cobbling this post using a relic from the last decade. I will be taking the day off, so enjoy the goods and look for new and exciting drops provided by the Grooming Crew. I will also be back editing these posts to add photos when I get back up and running. Stay Frosty!!

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