4-26-19 by dave

The festivities began with the first Tram at 8AM, but I rolled in at the usual time and got the 8:30AM Tram that was running on a 15 minute schedule. Traffic was very light for the opening hour, and here is a shot of the packed 3rd Tram.

There was plenty of room for for dancing on the Tram this morning.

Mineral Basin was offering some Sun and wide open groomers that were sorbet sweet and corn goodness fast. Lone Star was also given the industrial smoothing, which was as perfect as perfect gets. Here is a shot of the dark clouds gathering for a late morning round of showers that held off until 10:30 AM.

Great visibility was on tap, but these dark clouds were not long in bringing in the precipitation.

The Morning Crew met for the daily recon meeting, where the group decided to call it a day when the rain picked up, however, clearing moved in around Noon. Tomorrow, look for a much better day, with some overnight accumulation as it is dumping hard and making a cacophony on the skin of The Trailer. I think it will be snow up high. Look for the groomers to be offering the best lines on the hill. The off trail will still be quite difficult. I will be taking the day off, so get those smooth Spring time lines for me.

Team Hawaii sharing the stoke of perfect sorbet on the hill.

In closing, here is a shot of Team Hawaii, who were working the smooth sorbet lines with me this morning. We got all the goods the hill had to offer before the rain began. Shaka!!!

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