5-31-19 by dave

The air was cool this morning and the early chairs were the ones to be on, as the window was going to be short with the warm temps and overnight rain. There was a light glaze covering the pack and felt granular underfoot. I was looking for the smooth corn faces and found Money with some low angle sections that were as perfect as it gets. Here is a shot of some lonely turns that were put down some time ago.

These turns were put in some time ago, but the smooth surface was supportable and pristine. Lewis and Clark keeps delivering.

A lighter grooming effort had been made due to the warm temps and hard to work product. As the temps rose, there were some sorbet feeling lines that were fun and felt back country excellent. Here is a shot of the Provo Peak area with the Sun shining on it in between the clouds.

Look at all the possibilities down South in the Provo Peak area.

On the front of the hill, the break was held off a while, but happened fast when it hit critical mass. I was staying with the groomers for the best lines as the off trail was quite punchable. As the Big return happens with the pack, here is a shot of a large chunk of the rock calving off as the mountains erode back to sand. You wound have never have seen this perspective it had happened during the Summer, it would have gone unnoticed.

As the mountain melts to sand.

Tomorrow, look for a nice morning, with the groomers offering the best lines. The early chairs will offer the best lines of the day, and I don’t think there will be much of a freeze. See you there dark and early for the corn goodness. Straight Ahead!!

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