1-19-20 by dave

The groomers were offering exquisite dry chalk on all aspects this morning as the day kicked off with a Mineral Basin, Lewis and Clark attack. With The Road To Provo closed to start out the day, the wide open groomers were the place to be with perfect consistency top to bottom. On the front side, Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were orgasmic, with just some light wind blown dust on top of the corduroy just to make it that much sweeter. The Road To Provo opened and I got a premier line on The Rasta Chutes and Hoopie’s that was a tad thick, but had great consistency and required a direct fall line approach to drive the power into the turn. The Exotic Trees opened as well and it was thick out there as well, but the consistency and smooth lines were excellent. Here is a shot of 12 year old Landon getting a fresh line in The Exotic Trees.

Landon getting a bit of extra float in the Exotic Trees. Keepin’ the line tight was key in power blasting the frosting.
The Exotic Trees giving Brian Beck all that he came for and then some. Dialing it up, Dialing it in.

Here is a shot I took on the traverse out to the Exotic Trees. It is such a magical place that you just can stop and soak it all in.

Boundary Bowl looking perfect and untrammeled.

After 1PM. the groomers began to exhibit some static, but there were lines on the North aspects that kept the dry cold chalk all day. Tomorrow, look for more amazing groomers on all sides of the hill. You will have to look far afield to find the pockets of deep, but they can be found. The off trail is stiffening up with some rumble developing. Interference patterns at beginning to build in the high traffic zones, but they are still soft and workable. See you there for the rock and roll fantasy. Remain Standing!!

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