2-11-20 by dave

A light dusting of ultra light Essence covered the Dance Floor for the morning’s offerings. There were some wind deposited deeper lines out on Baldy and Lewis and Clark that were smooth, dry, and fast. The Groomers were off the the charts exquisite, with The Big Smooth having been prepared for the day’s festivities. The Big Smooth is the preparing of Upper, Middle, and Lower Primrose Path, creating a top to bottom ground pounder that tests your stamina and lets you dial in high edge angles. Here is a shot of Lower Primrose with the Sun back lighting the line and illuminating the cold smoke.

The line was perfect top to bottom and a ground pounding section that raised the heart rate.

With clear blue skies, the visibility was 100% with every detail in high definition. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew from the top of the Baldy Chair looking super 3D.

Out on the fringes of a Lewis and Clark expedition, we found hidden treasures that were deeper than one would think. Nice to have Tram Rat back on the pace.

Other areas of the hill had collected some very nice accumulation with the wind deposits, making working for the goods worth the time. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck stirring up the Cold Smoke and leaving trails of glory out on Baldy.

Brian Beck dialing some high edge angles and getting some G force out of every turn.

Tomorrow, look for another amazing day on the hill with freshly prepared lines that will be sure to fire the stoke level. Check out the Trifecta of Upper, Middle, and Lower Gad Zooks over on Gad 2 that got the full treatment last night, but should still be great in the AM, and may well be rebuffed, so check the report. Perhaps the Big Smooth will get a repeat treatment as well. Get ready for some serious flow line fun. Stay Frosty!!

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