8-12-18 by dave

It is now Deep Summer and the temps. are pushing triple digits daily. We have now reached the tipping point, which leads to a very quick acceleration to The Season. It has been a great Summer with lots of fun and friends. The Cool Air Concerts were all really great and I made it to most of them. Here is a shot of the gang enjoying the golden evening Sun on the Plaza while the band plays on. One of the performers was a young guitarist, who really brought down the house with some very interesting funky fusion jazz. It is so great to get up out of the Valley to enjoy the high mountain air and vistas that frame the entire experience. Here is a shot of Baldy with the Moon rising just off the peak. There have been a lot of construction projects going on, including a bridge to The Cliff lodge, which will make getting across the slope quick,easy, and slip free. This is the first section of the bridge being picked into place by the crane. This was a very well planned pick, which was done quickly, smoothly, and fit right into place with no problems at all. The entire span is now in place and will be fitted out with heated elements and will be tied into the Plaza. Expansion in the Plaza building has been in the works and is almost complete, which will add a lot of space to sit, charge up a device, meet friends, and it will offer a more lodge like feel to the Plaza. It is going to be very cool indeed. It is not complete, so I was unable to get a shot. Here is a shot of the verdant expanse of Harper’s East, looking plush, but soon will be getting the white coating that will turn it into a corduroy carpet ride. I watched the first of the NFL exhibition game the other night, and that has always signaled the, almost immediate, return to the Fun Zone. There is a lot of activity coming up, with Oktoberfest kicking off. The Single Track Bike run is looking good and is getting rave reviews. Hope to see you up there as we head into the rest of the Summer Fun. Stay Frosty!!

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