1-15-22 by dave

The temps were a bit cooler this morning, but the Sun was bright and the sky was clear, so the rock and roll fest was good to go for the day. Mineral Basin was offering brightly lit corduroy goodness to dial in your inner Ligety, and the rest of the hill had been prepared top to bottom for full on vertical attacks. The High North aspects are still holding the dry chalky cold lines that are staying smooth all day long. Be sure to scope out some of the lines that have been ignored to find some white gold to be had. If it is not going to snow, it might as well Sun!!!

A long shot of a nice Regulator preparation that is wide open, smooth and good for full on blasting.

Tomorrow, look for more great high pressure goodness all over the hill. Be sure to follow the Sun for the best lines of the day. Regulator should be softening up a bit by Noon. The front of the hill is staying dry and chalky all day. I expect traffic to be nominal and it should be a fast and furious day. IBBY!

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