4-23-19 by dave

It was a bit cooler start this morning, but the Sun was working the pack with intent and it was a race to stay ahead of the break. Mineral Basin was offering some amazing lines that had been prepared. Lone Star and Gheen Gully had been given the treatment, making those lines the the ones to get before they got too worked over. Those pitches were soft serve sweet, with every turn a full on treat, with a steep smooth pitch that kept you dialed. On the Front of the hill, Old Ladies Slide area had also been given the treatment, which is the first time in many years, and then it was worked only rarely. What a treat is was to get such an amazing line, perfect, sweet and smooth. Thanks to the Grooming Crew for preparing those carpets of AHHHHH that made today such a bonus. Here is a shot of a butterfly that Jake picked up off the snow just off the main line.

A little butterfly had landed on the snow just where we were standing out in the middle of nowhere. Just lovin’ the warm temps.
Mary Ellen Gulch looking fat and smooth in the morning light.

The Morning Crew was hard at it, getting to the North facing aspects, where real corn goodness was on tap. Tomorrow, look for another race against the Sun, with great grooming on all sides of the hill, low traffic, and some sorbet goodness for you to dial in your inner Ligety!!

The Furious Destroyers getting ready to hit the steepest lines on the hill.

In closing, I offer this shot of The Furious Destroyers, who were looking for the steep lines that Michael had been scoping out from the Tram. They were going to get the goods and I know they got it all. Speed Safely!!

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