2-04-20 by dave

It was a very cold morning with temps well below Zero and a clear blue sky to begin the day. Mineral Basin was open first off and the traffic was pulled fully in that direction. The faithful were making turns that were leaving cold smoke trails of glory as the last impulse left such light density product. With all that traffic going to the back, I took advantage of the lull on the front side to work the perfect carpets of AHHHH in the Peruvian Gulch, which was offering a ground pounding line down Lower Primrose Path that was vacant and exquisite. Not a bad trade off for the powder in the back I must say. I looked around for some smooth off trail lines but was drawn back to the smooth prepared lines that gave my knees a break and I was able dial in some full platform engagement with each turn. Bonus! It was cold and I dressed for the conditions and made sure I covered the exposed skin. My nose has pealed twice already this season. It was such a cold morning, and the air was so dry that it was crystal clear. Here is a shot that Neil took of The Twins from the peak.

This view remains always the same, but sometimes it is just so clear it is a New View.

Some clouds moved in as another impulse is slated to move in tomorrow with more accumulation. The off trail is still rough with some wide spread rumble, and the interference patterns are building in the high traffic areas. Expect increasing clouds and variable visibility. It will also remain cold so dress for the chill. The Groomers will be offering the dry chalky lines that will let you explore your inner Ligety.

Another shot from Neil with a good eye for composition and perfect timing .

The clarity of the air was stunning this morning and you just had to take it all in as you stood on the peak. See you there for the smooth prepared lines that will be sure to thrill. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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