3-07-20 by dave

Yes, the technical vastness of the Future is a bit like having bees in your head, but, there they are!! And as such, due to a technicality, I was unable to post yesterday. Not much had changed on the hill, so I expect it will go unnoticed. Today was filled with clouds and wind as the next system moves in for the next few days. The hill is in great shape, but is in need of more of the goodness to soften the ride and freshen the pack. Here is a shot of the Twins I took yesterday with the Sun shining on the massif.

Think of how many Winters this peak has weathered. Boggles the mind.

Tomorrow, look for a stormy day as the precipitation is predicted to be in play. We’ll have to see how much accumulation, but I don’t expect much until later. And of course, any amount really helps the feel and the spirit. I was scoping out all the open smooth lines on the hill and went out and sampled the substrate, which is quite firm, but the High North is still holding the dry chalk. I will be staying with the known smooth and I will be looking for the Groomers to provide that consistent, trustworthy ride that we have been enjoying all season. That is a super important feature when the visibility goes way. See you there for the morning explorations. Big Shout out to Mystic Media for having my back!! Stay Frosty!!

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