12-24-20 by dave

It was a clear and cold morning as The Faithful were waiting for the first Tram to open for the day. The recent delivery of Product had set up fairly tightly, making the off trail a bit bouncy, with the interference patterns rising quickly in the brisk traffic of the past days. The Groomers were quite firm on both sides of the hill, but there was ample loose dust to maintain traction on the steep sections. I was keeping the pace a bit slower to make the most of the runs and dial in the maximum juice from each turn. Who Dunnit was really fun with the high relief terrain features fully in play. Superior was reflecting some serious Sun back on the North facing aspects, making the detail stand out in the early morning shade. Here is a shot of Superior with a full frontal assault of the Faithful working the freshness.

With this last installment of Essence, Superior was getting worked right up the face. There were some nice turns and lines being scored.

I stopped on the Summit to get a look into Mineral Basin in anticipation of an opening sometime in the near future. The coverage is looking good, with the machine worked lines prepared on the Lewis and Clark area. I am so excited to get back there and get some of those sweet wide open lines.

Lewis and Clark looking nicely covered and offering those wide open terrain canvases.

Tomorrow, look for some warming temps, great Grooming efforts on both sides of the hill, and bright sunshine to light the way. The off trail will still have interference patterns building amplitude in the high traffic areas top to bottom, but there are plenty of good lines to circumvent the gnar. Perhaps traffic might be a bit lighter during the Holiday morning. Enjoy the gifts of the day, delivered for your enjoyment. Stay Frosty!!

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