2-23-20 by dave

The morning was clear and cool, with the Sun bright and warming the air quickly. Off the top, an amazing rework of Lone Star had been prepared from the top again, offering smooth dry chalky lines top to bottom. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were in the mix as well, but I could not pass by the big drop right off the top. On the front of the hill, there were smooth reworks of Lower Lower and Mach Schnell, which were dusty smooth, but made you keep it tight with the extra pitch these sections offer. It’s great when you can drive the turn without that chance of an icy spot. Later in the day, the prepared lines began to get worked over, but the consistency was blastable and soft.

Myron and Andrea made it to the peak to send a message around the world to their fellow sailors. From the top of the World is a great place to transmit the message.

Tomorrow, look for a fast moving cold front to leave a dusting on the hill for the morning session and it will have moved off by the opening bell. I do expect some residual clouds to, perhaps, still be clinging to the peaks. Dress warmer as the temps will have fallen with the front passage. The Groomers will be offering the smooth dry chalk, but watch those due South facing aspects that saw the Sun today as they will be crispy. The off trail is still dry and chalky, with static, rumble, and interference patterns widespread, but very workable and fun. The tester lines I took were fun, but I slowed down considerably to dial in each turn accurately. See you there for the continued smooth cruising and full platform engagement. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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