1-01-19 by dave

The morning dawned clear and cold with a brisk breeze that was working the dance floor wall to wall. The installment from the last storm has settled in and is offing a bit of cushion over the underlying substrate. The firmness is beginning to reverberate back up, so a bit more attention is needed to deal with some of the variations. All sides of the hill were open and the Exotic Trees were opened for the first time of the season. Coverage is good, but it still needs some more snow before you can dial it in top to bottom. The Groomers were off the chart buffed, with Lewis and Clark offering flannel soft goodness that let you lay it down like Ligety!! It was so cold that we stopped in at The Summit to warm up. Here is a shot of Tram Rat beginning to shake off the deep freeze. The Summit is such a great space in such an amazing place I just have to stop and soak it all in. Here is a shot of out the South end with American Fork Twins standing tall and looking frosty. The Chefs were cooking up the great lunch specials they serve at The Summit, and here is one of them roasting golden brown chicken. That say’s good all over it. Traffic was very light all day long, and max vertical was easy to get. Tomorrow, look for more amazing groomed lines on all sides of the hill. The off trail is still offering some of the soft feel, but there is still some static to deal with as you engage the old layer. The Sun should be in full force, but cold temps. will be in effect so dress for the cold as it did not let up much today. The hill is filling in nicely, so look around and begin to check out some of the lines you may have been putting off. IBBY!!

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