1-06-20 by dave

Yesterday’s impulse delivered a bonus blast of Essence that was a total surprise. High winds moved material from slope to slope with the East, Northeast, as well as the South East aspects filled up with more depth than the reported accumulation. After a short delay, Mineral Basin opened and I was able to get an untracked line down Silver Dipper top to bottom, which was a very rare event. Ski Patrol Gully also opened and I worked the chairs to get as much of the goodness before it got skied out. The Groomers were amazing with a light dusting on top that made them deluxe. Lower Primrose Path was given a fresh till, that had 3″ of Essence on top of the corduroy that was like 40″ of Zero%. Here is a shot of Team Excitement who were out in the Exotic Trees looking for the goods and they hit pay dirt.

Team Excitement on the traverse below Boundary Bowl. They were some of the first folks to get the Exotic Trees untracked today. It was deep!!!

After Noon, I went looking out and about and found some overlooked lines in the Exotic Trees. I went back to the prepared lines as the pack began to get some static going. Tomorrow, look for another amazing day on the hill, with Grooming efforts happening on all sides of the hill. Look for fresh prepared lines on the some of the steep pitches in Mineral Basin. I expect a fairly clear day and the temps seem to be on the rise, so I may dress a bit lighter. There is still plenty of soft snow to find if you look and those deeper sections today still be offering the soft feel in the AM. See you there for the goods and the ground pounding fun. Watch your SIX!!

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