1-15-20 by dave

After a very long cycle that brought an amazing amount of new product to the hill, the Sun finally came out and made it a blue bird day with not a cloud in the sky. The air was cold, the Groomers were offering amazing carpets of AHHHH, and Mineral Basin was soon to be opening. The wind had worked much of the hill the past day or so, leaving many sections wind smoothed, erasing all the rumble and much of the interference patterns were smoothed over. Mineral Basin opened with the Faithful ready to work the sections that were tantalizing in the morning Sun. Here is a shot I took of the bowl before the rope dropped.

With all that wind carrying the goods to this back bowl, who knows how much new is waiting here to sample.

When the rope dropped it did not take long to get worked, but there were consistent, smooth lines on all aspects. It was a bit thick in places and just right in other spots. Here is a shot of Ricky Rev’s line on a North facing aspect.

Getting first tracks is one thing, but getting them with no one around is priceless. Such a great line and some righteous turns put down.

Many of the aspects on the front of the hill were offering untracked lines as well, and there were plenty of low traffic traverses to get your own. Here is a shot of Mark Riley’s line, again, all to himself with no pressure.

Mark Riley getting as sweet line on the front side of the hill and on one around.

The wind had blown a light skiff on top of the Groomed lines on the lower half of Peruvian Gulch, making those carpets an extra special treat. Tomorrow, look for unreal grooming to be available on all sides of the hill. There will be a couple of areas still waiting in the wings, and there is still plenty of soft snow covering some wind smoothed lines on many aspects on the front of the hill. Keep your eyes open for lines you may have been avoiding. Wind will be a feature and the temps will be milder as another system is moving in for the next couple of days. Enjoy the visibility. See the Line, BE the Line!!!

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