12-22-18 by dave

An intense and fast moving storm passed over The Front late last night, leaving a fresh installment of Essence on the dance floor for today’s festivities. The sky was clear and the temps were cold, with a brisk wind working the aspects. Mineral Basin was open again today, offering a huge expansion of the available terrain. The Grooming efforts were offering carpet plush lines that let you dial in your inner Ligety! Here is a shot of Mikey M. blowing up the Essence with unmitigated audacity. The Faithful were on hand for a great day of freshness, but the uphill capacity kept things moving, and with Mineral in the mix, let you work the patterns to stay ahead of the push. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck maintaining minimum altitude while charging the line. Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the carpet smooth feel as the new material gets tilled into the mat. The off trail lines have improved markedly, and you can find great lines that have been wind smoothed during the past while. I have been working lines that I have totally avoided till just yesterday and I was lovin’ it, however, I am still sticking with the fat lines and steering clear of the margins. An approaching storm will be preceded by a cloud deck, so expect visibility issues all day. I will be going Off Planet for the next few days and will be out of range of the Inter Web. But, you can expect great conditions to be happening for the duration, as a classic line up of storms are poised to move through one after another. The hill is in great shape to accept these additional installments, and you will be stoked to dial in the lines you have been waiting on. Watch Your SIX!

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