12-30-18 by dave

Winds blew hard all over the hill this morning, with just a couple of Trams getting run up the line before the wind became too high. Visibility was very difficult, but the smooth groomed lines made it easy to stay in the pocket. Mineral Basin had a bit better visibility, but riding the chair was just a tad too demanding for me, so I concentrated on the front of the hill. I took an early breakfast break to assess the options, and made one chair after the break to get a larger look at the hill. I stopped and visited #1’s shine and celebrated another great season as we head into the new year. This is a shot he was featured in Ski Magazine way back in the day. Tomorrow, look for some fresh Essence to have fallen overnight as it is snowing here at The Trailer as I write this. The wind as working the pack all day, so look for smooth lines were the transported snow was filling in the low areas. Coverage on the hill is improving by the day and the snow making efforts are still happening, though the concentration has been moved. Look for the low angle aspects to offer the softest lines and remember the steep strainer sections will be boney and will demand your full attention. Traffic will be brisk once again, so get there early for the festivities. The chairs have been handling the volume nicely, and waits are extremely short. It will be cold again, with continued snow, so dress for weather and cover exposed areas. See you there for the last day of the year. Speed Safely!!

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