2-13-20 by dave

An awesome Grooming effort had been prepared for the day’s festivities, with the Big Smooth reworked top to bottom, offering perfectly smooth, dry, chalky lines that let you dial in your Inner Ligety. Out in Mineral Basin, wind deposited lines were on tap, with just a bit of funk and chunk in the substrate. The Path To Paradise opened, with great untracked lines waiting for the folks who worked the traverse to get there. The substrate there was smooth and turns were fun and consistent. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting it all out on the Baldy Shoulder.

Cold smoke was flying in the cold morning air as the open areas made for continued excellence.
Mikey M charging the line and keeping tight to the fall line for maximum power.

I kept working that front side line that really drew on the stamina to keep the pace smokin’. The off trail was feeling much better today and some of the lines that had seemed chunky yesterday were much more consistent today. Tomorrow, look for another great day of ground pounding fun. Look for Lone Star to get yet another treatment for the morning session and I will be looking to see if The Big Smooth will be reworked again. It was insanely smooth today.

Baldy Bowl looking fatty fat fat!! I love the high contrast of the sun and shadow.

Traffic was fairly light today and I expect it to continue light tomorrow. Look to Mineral Basin first off to avoid any push for the Tram during the first hour. Get ready for fun! Happy As Larry!!!

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