1-10-20 by dave

A big blue sky and bright Sun welcomed the Faithful to an amazing day that movies and magazine photos are made of. A bonus accumulation of Lake Effect snow turned a 3” prediction into 12″ of light Essence that did not disappoint. After a slight delay, the Peruvian Gulch opened with blower powder that had the air filled with hoots and hollars that echoed off the walls. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting the goods under the White Cliffs.

Mikey M fully slotted and getting ready for the full face shot.

Mineral Basin opened around 12:30PM with wall to wall ultra deep. It was just a matter of choosing which line to take. The wind had affected certain aspects and the one I chose was thick, but a straight fall line power blast approach worked best. Here is a shot of the goods on the Chamonix Chutes.

Doc, getting a perfect line when Mineral Basin opened.

Harbor chop really cropped up after 1 PM, so I bailed to save my knees and start my day off early. Tomorrow, look for another storm to be moving in for the next few days. Look for the Groomers to be offering the smooth as the off trail was still feeling that old substrate, but with wind and more accumulation the ride should be smoothing out with time. Look for some wind worked lines early before the accumulation takes over for smoothness.

Standing on the top of the world as the high peaks appear out of the clouds.

There were some great views as the Canyon was filled with low clouds that seemed like heaven. Have a safe, fun day, and I’ll see you Sunday. IBBY!!

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