2-01-20 by dave

It was a beautiful day, and unseasonably warm. The Groomers were offering perfect carpets wall to wall with some very nice fresh, steep lines to work for the morning session. The rumble off trail continues to intensify and interference patterns are building in the usual high traffic zones, but overall the hill is remarkable smooth. There is big weather in the forecast that will make that old substrate a footnote in the next few days. Here is a shot I took yesterday when there was a bit of Sun on the subject.

Wind works the snow pack in amazing ways and creates these frozen sculptures. It was all falling flakes, hmmmmm.

Tomorrow, look for more great Grooming on all sides of the hill. They will be providing some serious ground pounding fun for the morning session. With this approaching low pressure, I expect some wind to be in the mix and that may be working the hill overnight. I will be looking for some wind worked lines to add to the machine worked lines. Storm signals are sure to be happening, so go dressed for any eventuality. See you there for the beginning of another building set. Remain Standing!

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