4-01-19 by dave

The Grooming Crews have been performing some awesome industrial smoothing on all sides of the hill and today’s offerings were ground pounding fun wall to wall. Mineral Basin offered the Sun illuminated lines that included White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper, Lone Star from the top, Claim Jumper right down the middle of Lewis and Clark, and a Mid and Lower Primrose Path that really got your motor running. Twins opened for a while this morning and Pipeline looked as good as it gets. Here is a shot of Old Reliable with some of the fresh lines on a rarely opened aspect.

Old Reliable getting a fair bit of attention when The Twins opened this morning.

Cooler temps. kept the snow quality high all day, with only the very South facing aspects getting manky, and the lowest elevations softening up not much at all. Here is a great shot of Wynonna styling a fashion forward one piece for the day’s festivities. She rocks this suit like she rocks the hill. Full on rock and roll.

Wynonna setting a fashion trend with this stunning red one piece suit!!

Tomorrow, look for a storm riding day as the next low pressure is on the door step. Groomed lines will be the place to find the smooth lines for the opening bell as the off trail has developed quite a bit of rumble and interference patterns in the high traffic lines. Wide spread rumble will make any off trail excursions tricky, but look for the High North to still hold some of the dry cold chalk underneath any new accumulation. The hill is fully filled and all lines are good to go.

Family affair celebrating April Fool’s on the peak.

In closing, here is a shot of a family in the full spirit of April Fool’s Day getting their picture taken on the peak. Thanks Jake for sending this for the post. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!!

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